Minimising cost of ownership

Whilst unit cost is critical to the success or failure of your finished product, it is equally important to reduce the hidden costs. Time to market, approvals and selection of the most appropriate form-factor and chemistry play a major role in the success of your product.

Freeway takes the mystery out of the battery manufacturer selection process. We have worked tirelessly to remove the risk associated with a move from one battery supplier to another. Less than 10% of all battery manufacturers we have reviewed and audited have made the grade and become a channel partner.

If you are looking for a straight swap from an existing battery pack to secure ‘Quick Wins’ we can help to make that process seamless. Equally, if you are developing a revised BOM and want a battery to give you the edge in terms of performance that is also a key Freeway strength.

With a global presence we can help you to join up territories and manufacturing locations. Through the Rebound Technology Group, we can also call on 20 years of experience to help you identify EMS partners wherever you choose to manufacture your products.