Moving batteries around the World and delivering them to your customers, either directly or via your distribution channels, depends upon a sound knowledge of battery shipping regulations and internationally recognised approvals and certifications.

Freeway can help you to ensure that prototypes can be delivered when you need them, with the correct paperwork, packaging and labelling. Our manufacturing partners produce products to the highest quality and safety standards, meaning that they are able to confirm manufacturing compliance to UN38.3 and IEC62133.

We will also manage the testing and certification of your finished battery pack and maintain a file detailing every stage of your product’s development.

Should you need a charger, we will match it to your battery pack and work in full cooperation with both battery pack and charger manufacturer. Both manufacturers will collaboratively test their battery / charger combination to ensure compatibility.

Freeway will also work with you to ensure that your battery usage profile is a great fit for the chemistry you are using. As an example, for some chemistries used in a back-up application it is important to cycle the battery with load periodically, rather than maintaining the state of charge (SoC) at a permanently high level