Dec 2017 – 80% Capacity at -40 Degree C! Our Low Temp Lithium Polymers Open The Door To New In-Vehicle Applications

For many In-Vehicle applications the challenge is often more about low-end temperature operation rather than the high-end.

Patented low temperature chemistry allows good performance between -40 and +45 degrees, but the batteries will continue to operate at up to +60 degrees C with lower efficiency.

This new low temperature range of lithium polymer batteries from Freeway is allowing vehicle based battery powered products to extend their environmental flexibility and reduce costs associated with thermal control of electronic modules.

The minus 40 operational milestone breaks through the traditional minimum operating barrier of -20 degrees and enables high level performance. Capacity at -40 degrees is around 80% of the nominal capacity with 0.2C discharge rate.

Mil-Std minimum capacities are typically set at 40% of nominal, so the 80% rate we are able to offer is a significant technological step

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