Jan 2017 – Security Market – Lithium design wins indicate shift in market

More and more security design authorities are looking toward Lithium for their next generation Alarm panels and control back-up systems.

Along with Lithium Polymer cells, with their flexible form factor, Lithium-Ion and Lithium Cobalt Oxide (which has very high volumetric capacity) are being well received by end customers who are looking for lower replacement frequency.

Where products can be easily replaced with very low maintenance costs, other chemistries remain more cost effective. However – For many applications where maintenance costs can be significant, a long life – high reliability and performance product can make a real positive difference.

If you are in the Security market and have New Product Introductions (NPI) projects please call us. Our aim is to give you informed choices that fit your project best… We do not push you down any specific path – What suits you best is what you get.

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