Counterfeit Policy

Freeway, as part of Easby Electronics recognises that counterfeiting is a serious global problem that affects companies worldwide.

To protect our customers we have implemented a proactive and comprehensive counterfeit prevention policy for all purchases entering or leaving our warehouse.

To help prevent the purchase of counterfeit, suspect or unapproved products, we purchase components directly from:

OEM’s or CEM’s

Franchised Distributors

Manufacturer or Agent

Certain hard-to-find or obsolete products cannot always be obtained from these primary sources.  In such instances, it may be necessary to source components through brokers or independent distributors.  In these cases Easby Electronics approved vendors shall only be used.

To continually verify vendor quality, we carefully monitor the ongoing performance of all suppliers utilizing a variety of criteria, including rigorous inspection procedures; utilising test house partners and full photographic traceability for product that enters our warehouse.

These are detailed within our groups AS9120_RevA procedures.